When The Stars Fell From The Sky It Turned Black (digital version)

125 x 235 cm, print on brushed aluminium, 2019, 1 from 5 prints. There is also a video-version of this work.

This image of a building in deconstruction bears a vague reminiscence of the tower of Babel, as it has been depicted by Pieter Brueghel, Van Cleve and others. This building, however, is not in construction, but in de-construction. And there are no hundreds of workers, but a heavy weighing solitude. There is no "hubris" as in the tower of Babel, on the contrary. The highest central point of the tower, the elevator shaft, is stripped of its function. The work sends a message of smashed hope for communication. The desire for abundant communication is translated by an endless stream of text printed over this image, which – when looking closer – appears to be “lorem ipsum”: the “faux latin” which is used often to simulate real text, but which is empty of meaning. Latin is a dead language, the language of tombstones. Within this text the words of the title of this work are seamlessly integrated. The last word is “BLACK”. It is the bankruptcy of communication.

Detail showing the text more or less in real-size, and showing the effect of the reflection of light on the brushed aluminium.

The last word of the very long text is "BLACK".