Half Empty


The hexaptych represents the artist's family. Depending on their current age, the degree of blurring is adapted. Three already deceased family members (her mother, father, and brother) are completely wiped-off.
The faces are looking frontally at the viewer, calling the latter in testimony of the tragedy of “tempus fugit”.
Below each painting, on yellow brass plates we see the names and dates of birth (‒ of death for some) engraved, as in official portraits or on gravestones.
The faces were first painted in their entirety, only to be (partially) erased again.

The road we are inevitably driving on does not allow us to return. We are in the middle of a "road to nowhere'. The glass is "half empty".

Oil on canvas and brass plates. The installation can also be done horizontally, lining up the 6 paintings. Each painting measures 90 x 60 cm.

Half Empty, detail